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In the selection of Kamppailuvaruste, you will surely find the right boxing gloves if you need them for anything, e.g. sparring, fitness boxing and matches. The sport can be, for example, boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing or Self-defense sports such as Hokutoryu ju-jutsu, Krav Maga, Defendo.

The number of ounces in boxing gloves indicates the weight of the glove and thus also the amount of padding, because the more ounces the gloves have, the more padding they usually have. A larger number of ounces better protects your own hand and your opponent's. In matches, you want gloves with knockout power, so 8-12 oz gloves are usually used in them.

The ounce count does not tell you the size of the boxing glove, but gloves with a lower ounce count often fit a smaller hand better and gloves with a higher ounce count fit a larger hand. The general recommendation is that women and youth 10 and 12-oz. and men's 14 and 16-oz.

We have boxing gloves, e.g. from the following brands: Fairtex, Fight2, Budo Nord, Blue Corner and Zebra.

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