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    DVD Pan Am BJJ 2006 Championships
    DVD Pan Am BJJ 2006 Championships

    DVD Pan Am BJJ 2006 Championships

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    2006 Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championships 2 DVD Set

    Languages:     English
    Length:           7+ hours. on 2 DVDs
    Other info:      All region DVD

    The 2006 Pan American Jiu-jitsu tournament featured some of the fiercest
    compeition ever in the events history. The largest BJJ gi event held in North
    America, the 2006 event features the following world class fighters: For the
    first time, this event is presented in widescreen. With the 2006 Pan Ams you
    get over 7 hours of high level jiu-jitsu action from some of the best in the sport!

    Disc 1

    Black Belt Feather
    David Jacobs x Bibiano Fernandes
    Jonatas Gurgel x Bibiano Fernandes
    Jonatas Gurgel x Kazamusa Sekiguchi
    Jonatas Gurgel x Wellington “Megaton” Dias
    Mario Correa x Kazamusa Sekiguchi
    Koichi Kawahara x Daniel Gazoni
    Naoya Uematsu x Wellington “Megaton” Dias
    Naoya Uematsu x Andre Monteiro  

    Black Belt Light
    Pedro Vianna x Jared Weiner
    Carlos Viera x Mario Reis
    Joao Silva x Mario Reis
    Marcos Cacella x Thiago Gomes
    Dias Thiago Gomes Dias x Mario Reis
    Thiago Gomes Dias x Rafael Barbosa   

    Black Belt Middle
    Andre Galvao x Sergio Lourenco
    Andre Galvao x Alexander Crispim
    Mike Fowler x Andre Galvao
    Mike Fowler x Jorge Vidal
    Mike Fowler x Igor Gracie   

    Black Belt Medium Heavy
    Jaoo Faria x Romulo Barral
    Paulo Gazze Jr. x Demian Maia
    Demian Maia x Romul Barral   

    Black Belt Heavy
    Eduardo Telles x Braulio Estima
    Leopoldo Canal x Eduardo Telles
    Raphael Lovato Jr. x Eduardo Telles   

    Black Belt Super Heavy
    Roger Gracie x “Xande” Ribeiro   

    Black Belt Super Super Heavy
    Artur Cesar x Rolles Gracie   

    Black Belt Female
    Kanako Inaba x Megumi Fujii 

    Disc 2

    Black Belt – Absolute
    Braulio Estima x Edson Diniz
    Wellington “Megaton” Dias x Braulio Estima
    Rafael Formiga Barbosa x Demian Maia
    Shawn Wiliams x Edson Diniz
    Eduardo Telles x Carlos Viera
    Raphael Lovato Jr. Eduardo Telles
    Roger Gracie x Vinicius Magalhaes
    Roger Grace x Raphael Lovato Jr.
    Vinicius Magalhaes x Carlos Francis
    “Xande” Ribeiro x Demian Maia
    Jorge Vidal x “Xande” Ribeiro
    “Xande” Ribeiro x Roger Gracie   

    Brown Belt – Super Feather
    J.P. Akira Kuraoka x Hee Sung Lee
    J.P. Akira Kuraoka x Luis Tosta   

    Brown Belt – Feather
    Jeff Glover x Makoto Aramaki
    Jeff Glover x Donald Park
    Jeff Glover x Tadashi Takashima
    Jeff Glover x Raphael Assuncao   

    Brown Belt – Middle
    Luciano Yamasaki x Gregor Gracie
    Lucas Lepri x Jason Brudvik
    Victor Estima x Romulo Dos Santos   

    Brown Belt – Medium Heavy
    Leonardo Rameh x Ryan Lizares
    Tarsis Humphreys x Andre Torres
    Tarsis Humphreys x Leonardo Rameh   

    Brown Belt – Heavy
    Jason Collard x Jay Mansfield
    Roberto Camargo x Jason Collard
    Matteus Dias x Luke Stewart   

    Brown Belt – Super Super Heavy
    Fabiano Monteiro x Brandon Vera

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    DVD Pan Am BJJ 2006 Championships

    Save 50%
    Tax Included
    Lowest price of the product in the last 30 days: €22.00