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      Thermo transfer sticker - white "Kamppailuvaruste - logotext"
      Thermo transfer sticker - white "Kamppailuvaruste - logotext"

      Thermo transfer sticker - white "Kamppailuvaruste - logotext"

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      • The price includes a sticker and heat pressing on the product.
      • The length of the logo is 38cm and the height is 6.5cm

      The ELASTOSOFT heat transfer image has been specially developed for sportswear and other flexible textiles. It is soft and more comfortable to feel than traditional thermal transfer types, and thanks to its flexibility, ElastoSoft lasts very well in sportswear. The ElastoSoft thermal transfer image is made using a printable adhesive that ensures the flexibility of the transfer image. The glue appears as a thin, transparent edge around the logo.

      ELASTOSOFT is suitable for sportswear made of cotton and polyester, such as elastic running and cycling clothing, as well as smooth-surfaced polo shirts and collared shirts.

      ELASTOSOFT transfer image care instructions:

      • Wash up to 60 degrees inside out.
      • Tumble dry at low temperature upside down.
      • Do not use bleach as they will fade colors.
      • Do not iron directly on top of the transfer, but lightly on the wrong side.
      • Do not store damp and warm textiles wrinkled.

      The ELASTOSOFT transfer image can withstand washing that does not exceed the temperature specified in these instructions or in the Textile Washing Instructions. In practice, textiles are maintained in many different ways. Therefore, we cannot offer a warranty, exchange or indemnity if the transfer is damaged or destroyed during washing.

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      TJJS Kamppailuvaruste Oy|Thermo transfer sticker - white "Kamppailuvaruste - logotext"|€2.82

      Thermo transfer sticker - white "Kamppailuvaruste - logotext"

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