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Budo - Nord
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Mouth Protector Budo-Nord with box
  • Mouth Protector Budo-Nord with box
  • Mouth Protector Budo-Nord with box
Mouth Protector Budo-Nord with boxMouth Protector Budo-Nord with box
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Standard boil and bite gum shield with box.
Standard gum shield that can be formed in boiling water.

1st Place the gum shield in boiling water for 8-10 seconds.
2nd After 8-10 seconds, pick up the gum shield out of the water , shake off excess water . Place the gum shield in your mouth against the teeth of the upper jaw .
3rd Keep the gum shield in place with your thumb , suck hard so that the mouthguard fits snugly around all the teeth.
4th Bit gently (be careful not to bite through the mouthpiece ) . Squeeze the lips and pressing on the outside of the upper lip so that the cap molds itself around the outside of the teeth.

Dental Protection can be heated several times if one fails the calibration. The gum shield should fit so that it remains when you have your mouth open .

NB . Do not have the mouthpiece in boiling water for longer than 10 seconds.

  • mouth protector.
  • Comes in a plastic transparent box.
  • Made in UK.
  • CE marked.
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