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DVD Pan Am BJJ 2008 Championships
  • DVD Pan Am BJJ 2008 Championships
DVD Pan Am BJJ 2008 Championships
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The 2008 Pan Jiu Jitsu championships featured some of the biggest names
in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competing in the 2nd largest Jiu Jitsu tournament
outside of Brazil. This is THE largest gi competition DVD set ever made with
3 DVDs packed full of exciting fights.

Format:            DVD NTSC
Length:             525 min. on 3 DVDs
Release date:  July 2008
Other info:      All region DVD

Disc 1

Open Weight
Lucas Leiti vs Eddie Ricardo
Otavio Souza vs Carlos Alejandro
Alexandre de Souza vs Lucas Leite
Marcel Fortuna vs Andre Galvao
Roberto Alencar vs Fernando di Peirro
Otavio Souza  vs Rafael Lovato Jr.
Andre Galvao vs Fernando di Pierro
Otavio Souza vs Roberto Tozi
Andre Galvao vs Luiz Theodoro
Alexandre de Souza vs Roberto Tozi
Roberto Tozi vs Andre Galvao

Black Belt Finals
Open Weight: Roberto Tozi vs Andre Galvao
Super Feather Weight: Carlos Holanda vs Samuel Braga
Feather Weight: Rubens Charles vs Bruno Frazzatto
Light Weight: Lucas Lepri vs Celso Vinicius
Middle Weight: Otavio Souza vs Gustavo Campos
Medium Heavy Weight: Tarsis Humphreys vs Andre Galvao
Heavy Weight: Roberto Alencar vs Rafail Lovato Jr.
Super Heavy Weight: Roberto Abreu vs Arrhur Jacinto
Ultra Heavy Weight: Bruno Paulista vs Luis Theodoro
Women’s Open Weight: Luciana Dias vs Michelle Nicolini

Disc 2

Black Belt Best Fights

Super Feather Weight
Alex Lira vs Carlos Holanda
Leandro Escobar vs Sidemar Honorio
Samuel Braga vs Caio Terra
Renan Borges vs Carlos Holanda
Leandro Escobar vs Samuel Braga

Feather Weight
Kazumasa Sekiguchi vs David Jacobs
Richard Avila vs Rodrigo Ranieiri
Kazumasa Sekiguchi vs Rubens Charles
Bruno Frazzatto vs Yukinori Sasa
Rubens Charles vs Rodrigo Ranieiri

Light Weight
Lucas Lepri vs Chrisiano Oliveira
Rafael Barbosa vs Julio Echeberria
Michal Langhi vs Rafael Barbosa
Fhipppe De La Monica vs Sandro Santiago
Phillipe De La Monica vs Lucas Lepri

Middle Weight
Augusto Vieira vs Felipe Heidrick
Orlando Zanetti vs Jose Fraga
Daniel Tavares vs Gustavo Campos
Paul Schriener vs Lucas Leite
Gustavo Campos vs Lucas Leite

Medium Heavy Weight
Marcus Carvalho vs Andre Galvao
Alexandre de Souza vs Tarsis Humphreys
Andre Galvao vs Bruno Fernandes

Heavy Weight
Roberto Alencar vs Richard Macauley
Rafael Lovato Jr. Vs Fabio Marmontel
Roberto Alencar  vs Roberto Tozi

Super Heavy Weight
Ricardo Migliarese vs Ulpiano Malachias
Marcel Fortuna vs Roberto Abreu

Ultra Heavy Weight
Victor Costa vs Jose Junior
Luiz Theodoro vs Paulo Ribeiro
Victor Costa vs Bruno Paulista

Disc 3

Brown Belt Best Fights

Super Feather Weight
Alfred Thompkins vs Hiroyuki Mizuno

Feather Weight
Koji Asakura vs Thiago Clemente
Justin Rader vs Thiago Clemente

Light Weight
Tim Peterson vs Ryan Beauregard
Kayron Gracie vs Chris Westfall
Steve Rosenberg vs Ryan Beauregard
Kayron Gracie vs David Hart

Middle Weight
Ian McPherson vs Joseph Gutierrez
Marcelo Mafra vs Klint Radwani
Pedro Waick vs Kron Gracie
Ian McPherson vs Dhiogo Brenny
Marclo Mafra vs Mihael Graeber
Ian Mcpherson vs Kron Gracie
Marcelo Mafra vs Kron Gracie

Medium Heavy Weight
Christopher Cerna vs Jacob McClintock
Felipe Fogolin vs Eduardo Braga
Jacob McClintock vs James Valentine

Heavy Weight
Cameron Diffley vs Antonio Batiste
Christopher Moriarty vs Brad Peterson
Christopher Moriarty vs Armon Barros

Open Weight
Matt Jubera vs Abmar Barbosa
Christpher Moriarty vs Dhiogo Brenny
Kron Gracie vs Tom DeBlass
Donald Park vs Marcelo Mafra
Jacob McClintock vs Abmar Barbosa
Kron Gracie vs Joseph Gutierrez
Abmar Barbosa vs Daniel Simmler
Camron Diffley vs Kron Gracie
Christopher Moriarty vs Abmar Barbosa
Kron Gracie vs Antonio Batiste
Christopher Moriarty vs Kron Gracie

Bonus interviews courtesy of Gracie Magazine
Andre Galvao
Xande Ribeiro
Rickson Gracie & Kron Gracie
Raphael Lovato Jr.

DVD Pan Am BJJ 2008 Championships
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