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DVD Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 2007 World Championship
DVD Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 2007 World Championship
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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 2007 World Championship 2 DVD Set

Languages:     English
Length:           220 min. on 2 DVDs
Other info:      All region DVD

The highly anticipated championships first time on United States soil.
To what is considered to be the biggest and most well-respected title in the world.
Watch BJJ history in the making as today's greatest fight to the top like
Roger Gracie, Romulo Barral, Kron Gracie, Xande Ribeiro, Rafael Lovato Jr,
Rubens Charles, and other great fighters to what was the biggest turnout in
BJJ history for a championship not only in the US, but in the world.

Includes the following matches:

Mens finals:

Rooster: Bruno Malfacine vs Yusuke Honma
Super Feather: Robson Moura vs Samuel Cruz
Feather: Rubens Charles vs Mario Reis
Light: Lucas Lepri vs Michel Maia
Medium Heavy: Romulo Barral vs Saulo Ribeiro
Heavy: Alexandre Ribeiro vs Roberto Alencar
Super Heavy: Roger Gracie vs Robert Drysdale
Super Super Heavy: Rafael Lovato Jr vs Luis Felipe Theodoro
Open Class: Roger Gracie vs Romulo Barral

Women finals:

Super Feather: Michelle Nicolini vs Tessa McMahon
Feather: Laurence Cousin vs Sayaka Shioda
Light: Hanette Quadros vs Gabriela Bermudez

Best fights:

Roger Gracie vs Fernando "Margarida" Pontes
Romulo Barral vs Alexandre Ribeiro
Wilson Reis vs Mario Reis
Rubens Charles vs Augusto Mendes
Tarsis Humphreys vs Andre Galvao
Flavio Almeida vs Alexandre Ribeiro
Joao Filipe Oliveira vs Romulo Barral
Uematsu Naoya vs Romulo Barral
Luis Felipe Theodoro Romulo Barral
Andre Galvao vs Mauricio Mariano
Antonio Braga Neto vs Rafael Lovato Jr.
Roberto Abreu vs Alexandre Ribeiro
Fernando "Margarida" Pontes vs Thiago Gaia
Rubens Charles vs Jason Tabor
Daniel Nova vs Andre Galvao
Wilson Reis vs Wellington Dias
Gabriel Wilcox vs Mario Reis
Joao Cunha vs Alexandre Ribeiro
Roger Gracie vs Tim Carpenter
Roger Gracie vs Rodrigo Cavaca
Andre Galvao vs Alexandre Ribeiro
Robert Drysdale vs Antonio Braga Neto
Roger Gracie vs Robret Drysdale
Jonatas Gurgel vs Mario Reis
Roberto Alencar vs Roberto Tozi
Roberto Alencar vs Thiago Gaia
Robson Moura vs Dai Yoshioka
Celso Venicius vs Lucas Lepri
Cassio Wernack vs Andre Galvao
Romulo Barral vs Rogel Monsalve
Saulo Ribeiro vs Rafael Abi-Rihan
Alexandre Ribeiro vs Roberto Godoi
Adriano Camolesi vs Roger Gracie
Bruno Paulista vs Rafael Lovato Jr.
Gustavo Campos vs Andre Galvao
Tarsis Humphreys vs Saulo Ribeiro
Daniel Otero vs Yusuke Honma
Roger Gracie vs Rodrigo Medeiros  

Brown Belt Best Fights:

Otavio Souza vs Romulo Melo
Felipe Almeida vs Otavio Souza
Kron Gracie vs Frost Murphy
Daniel Almeida vs Kron Gracie
Otavio Souza vs Kron Gracie

DVD Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 2007 World Championship
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