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Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi - White
  • Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi - White
  • Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi - White
  • Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi - White
  • Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi - White
Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi - WhiteTatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi - WhiteTatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi - WhiteTatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi - White
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Tatami Fightwear are proud to introduce the Nova Absolute, a culmination of years of hard work and development to create one of our most iconic Gi’s. The Nova Gi is a staple of the Tatami Fightwear range and comes with a strong tradition of offering style and comfort for training and competing at exceptional value.

The Absolute has taken what has made previous incarnations of the Nova so popular and expanded on them to make our most complete Gi experience to date.

First – the technical details; 10oz cotton tapered pants along with a 350GSM pearl weave jacket has made the Absolute strong, durable and lightweightThe Absolute comes with a brand new aesthetic look and has been produced in a new competition cut to make it IBJJF approved, meaning you can use it for everyday training or those big competition days.

In order to make the Nova Absolute one of the most diverse and complete Gi’s on the market, we engaged in extensive research amongst not only casual practitioners but all the way up to world class competitors to find out what people look for as they search fpr the perfect Gi for themselves

After taking feedback on board, we’ve looked to make the Absolute a Gi for the masses and along with continuing the fantastic value, we’ve now got new size options, such as the A2S and a brand new Khaki colour option, ensuring the style and fit matches as closely to you as possible. The Nova Absolute continues to offer a free white belt, and is absolutely the right option for you regardless of your standing on the BJJ ladder.

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Tatami Nova BJJ Gi

Length 155- 165cm 162-170cm 170-180cm 173-180cm 173-180cm 178-185cm 183-193cm 180-188cm 185-193cm 188-196cm
Weight 50-65kg 60-73kg 60-75kg 73-85kg 83-92kg 73-85kg 73-85kg 87-96kg 87-96kg 99-109kg
Jacket weight 0,95kg 1,0kg 0,95kg 1,00kg 1,05kg 1,05kg 1,10kg 1,10kg 1,15kg 1,25kg
Trouser weight 0,50kg 0,50kg 0,50kg 0,55kg 0,60kg 0,60kg 0,55kg 0,6kg 0,60kg 0,65kg
Total weight 1,45kg 1,50kg 1,45kg 1,55kg 1,65kg 1,65kg 1,65kg 1,70kg 1,75kg 1,90kg
Size A0 A1 A1L A2 A2H A2L A2XL A3 A3L A4
A 162 cm 164 cm 170 cm 170 cm 170 cm 180 cm 180 cm 180 cm 184 cm 184 cm
B 108 cm 110 cm 110 cm 114 cm 122 cm 112 cm 114 cm 116 cm 116 cm 126 cm
C 81 cm 83 cm 88 cm 86 cm 86 cm 92 cm 92 cm 90 cm 94 cm 91 cm
D 30 cm 32 cm 32 cm 34 cm 34 cm 34 cm 34 cm 36 cm 36 cm 38 cm
E 104 cm 108 cm 112 cm 118 cm 132 cm 120 cm 122 cm 122 cm 120 cm 122 cm
F 93 cm 95 cm 100 cm 96 cm 96 cm 102 cm 105 cm 103 cm 107 cm 104 cm
G 44 cm 44 cm 44 cm 48 cm 48 cm 48 cm 48 cm 48 cm 50 cm 50 cm