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Sublimation printing - "own image/logo"
  • Sublimation printing - "own image/logo"
  • Sublimation printing - "own image/logo"
Sublimation printing - "own image/logo"Sublimation printing - "own image/logo"
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In sublimation printing colors are printed directly into the fabric. This technology is used very commonly in sports textiles. Sublimation printing is suitable for fabrics in which the majority is polyester (Sublimation printing can not be made in to cotton fabric). In sublimation printing technique the color is vaporized at high temperatures deep into the fabric fiber. Printing is eternal so it does not wear, fade or peel over time, such as silk screen printing or thermal transfer labels. In sublimation print quality is not knowable by hand, which means it does not constitute the fabric of any "film". Multi-color sublimation is only suitable for white or very light colored textiles. Other colored clothing can be sublimated fabric darker colors. Sublimation is also produced in the so-called full-sublimaton products, then usually white fabric sublimated desired look like even before the product pile sewing. The price of sublimation printing is significantly higher than in other printing techniques, but it doesn’t have start-up costs which makes it suitable for very small piece quantities and makes the product truly give of high-quality product.

  • max. size is A4 (21cm x 29,7 cm)
  • The data needed vector format.
Sublimation printing - "own image/logo"
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