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      Budo-Nord Karate Gi Empi
      Budo-Nord Karate Gi Empi

      Budo-Nord Karate Gi Empi

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      • This is probably the most common beginner's uniform for karate and self-defense  ju-jutsu.
      • The uniform is crafted from a mixed fabric with nice cotton texture. It is a comfortable gi for your workouts, and it is easy to clean and keep fresh.
      • The Budo-Nord EMPI was originally designed to function as a beginner's karate uniform, but due to its comfortability during workouts it quickly became a favorite among other practitioners as well.
      • The uniform also functions as a magnificent uniform for self-defense ju-jutsu, aikido and shorinji-kempo.
      • The uniform is very affordable, and this makes it a perfect suit for kids, as well as grown-ups.
      • The Budo-Nord EMPI features our standard cut (standard GI).
      • We recommend that you wash the EMPI in 60°C (140°F), and at this temperature the length of the pants will shrink approximately 1-2%. The sleeves do not present any noticeable shrinkage.
      • The uniform is delivered complete with a jacket, a pair of pants and a white belt. The pants feature an elastic rib and a drawstring at the waist.
      • Made from cotton and polyester.
      Budo - Nord
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      45% polyester
      55% cotton

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